- by Matej Gašperič

Passionate about one’s work.
What more can one desire.
For years now, I shared my day-to-day events from a life of an architect. And I always felt kind of sad, that those memorable moments that define and inspire me, inevitable go into oblivion down the endless Facebook stream.
To lengthen their lifespan, I therefore decided to post at least some of them on my Scrapbook.
As they were posted.
For all of you that missed, liked or loved some.
Here they are…

29th September, 2017

While opting for a rain water usage usually has its roots in eco consciousness, a decision for a home photo voltaic power plant is mostly based on the desire for independence.

We build more and more of both on ‘my’ houses.
Seems like those two mindsets are strong with the clients that choose to work with me.
And I am not complaining, since I feel the same :)

Photovoltaic power plant on the garage roof at An…