Decisions, decisions…

- by Matej Gašperič

Although, building a house is not exactly a rocket science, it is definitely not a walk to the park either.

The whole process takes decisions to be made.
And there are many. At a time it seems it is just an endless stream of them.
And they vary. A lot.

A client studying a detailed model of a part of the house that features vertical as well as horizontal commuting paths.

There are big ones on which projects succeeds or fails. And there are small, but definitely not less important, ones.

There are technology based and materials based and people based and…

And although one hires the specialists like an architect, engineers, project manager, contractors and other service providers…, to take care of things, one is not familiar with, not all – in fact not even close to all – decisions could not be all delegated.

Through my practice…


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