Hots & Cools

- by Matej Gašperič

Deerubbin Conference 2016
NSW, Australia
good architecture and good people all together


The time it took me from my garage at home in Slovenia to the door of my hotel room in Sydney.

Over 150 participans have been welcomed to Australia by Aboriginal elder – uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison.

Almost five years after Glenn Murcutt Masterclass (GMMC) which, for me, proved to be a life changing event, I finally returned to Australia. And it kind of felt like I’d be comin’ home. The occasion, or rather an excuse to go back, was an annual architectural conference Deerubbin 2016 which was to held on a Milson Island about 60 km north of Sydney.

Yet again a trip proved to be well worth it. And to be able to share some of it, here are some of the moments – not in chronological order but rather as it came…


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