Contractor on a White Horse

- by Matej Gašperič

“Which one would you choose?”

I was deep into some small talk, enjoying a relaxed evening with my clients with a glass of delicious red wine in my hand, when the question abruptly brought me back to our initial topic.

“Uhm… well…”

Fits into a millimeter. 
If everybody has done his homework right prior the construction started, the building process is smooth and pure joy to watch.

With building permit in their hands and all the blueprints done, they have intensified the process of selecting a contractor. With quite some experience in their pocket, they thought it would be an easy job to pick one – the best one.

They did their homework to filter the potential contractors down o a manageable number of about seven.

An exemplary tender has been prepared for them.

Each has been granted a full access to the architect (me) in order to resolve…


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