- by Matej Gašperič

One could tell from the very beginning, that our trip to Copenhagen would not be an ordinary one. We have had missed the plane… for 24 hours!!!

Monkey designed by Kay Boyasen

Not that that would stop us.

I have been waiting for our Christmas trip to Copenhagen with a great anticipation. A long time, I have been delaying a trip to Denmark from one reason or another. To long actually, to be prepared to accept that minor misfortune.

My motive for a trip has not been as much to see all the familiar furniture pieces. Regarding that I have naturally assumed that Arne Jacobsen’s Ants would be crawling all over the place and that Kay Boyasen’s Monkeys would be monkeying around.

What I have really been interested in were Danes. Theirs nature. Environment they live in. Theirs culture. Lifestyle. Where are the origins, the source…


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