A house for big living

- by Matej Gašperič

“When I met the clients – a young couple with three little girls – I was overwhelmed by the deep connection between them. What would then be more logical than, to instead of designing them a classical multi separate-rooms’ house, rather make them a functionally interconnected, monospaced volume. A playfull space that, on every step encourages creativity. An open space where each family member could interact with other. A space that is complemented with small niches that, when needed, provide intimacy to its occupants. A spacious but highly rationalized space that, rather than betting on a big volume, counts on expanding outdoor into the beautiful nature that surrounds the house.
House itself is laid gently across two gentle hill slopes. Main terrace oriented toward the south and the sun extends the dinning room and connects it with the outdoor kitchen while living room is extended thru the full wall…


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