You Asked for an Proposal

- by Matej Gašperič

Dear Mr. / Ms. / Mrs.

I am very glad and would like to thank you for considering me to be your architect of  choice. There are many architects around, some of them really fine ones, so even that invitation alone, is a great honor and means a great deal to me.

“Reading the land” with the client. 

Also, I’d like to emphasize that, based on sparse data you have provided, the project sounds very appealing.

Regarding your request to send you a proposal for my work on the project, I’d say that at this point, I see no real need for that and am therefore opting not to do it… yet.

Since this statement might seem a bit odd to you, let me allow to explain it a bit more in detail.

If you aim to base your decision on price alone – lowest or highest regardless…


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