- by Matej Gašperič

An email to my clients:

Dear …

During yesterday’s phone call, you mentioned having second thoughts about the ramp toward the kid’s room. It might have been that it was just a non-important remark from your side. Never the less, I have to admit it touched me. Thinking about it, kept me awake this night and I feel the need to share some thoughts about the topic.

A House for Free Spirits-DingDong-2
An indoor Ding Dong swing (by Kaaita) inevitable brings out the kid in us :D

We have had discussed that ramp for quite some times now. First on the sketches, during the conceptual planning, latter on the blueprints and scale models.

I am well aware, it is not an element, you might be usually able to find inside the house. It is an ambiental and functional element that…


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