House Z

- by Matej Gašperič

It has been love at first sight.
When I visited the site for the first time, I was absolutely amazed by the beauty of it. I couldn’t believe my luck, that a pleasant young family, who chose to settle here, asked me to make it their home.
Ironically, it has been an unspoiled beauty of the place, that made me especially anxious. Doubts arose, if I am capable to address the site like this properly.
What am I allowed to put there in order not to ruin its beauty?
A steep sloped terrain and a bit nasty – westerly – orientation, that denies me a southerly sun while, on the other hand, threatens to overheat the house during the summer afternoons… all that haven’t helped much either.
All that lead, first to the detailed observation and sketching of the site, to 3D aerial scan with quadrocopter and to making a numerous balsa models for study purposes….


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