- by Matej Gašperič

Carst (Kras in Slovene) is a region that has always fascinated me with its specific nature, diverse climate, stone architecture and – most of all – some special kind of tranquility, hard to describe, but easy to feel.

stone church in Slovene Carst region

Therefore, when an opportunity arose to design a house there, I jumped on it.

Regardless, that I have been in the area on many occasions and that I have visited a site with the clients, I felt like I need to pay it another visit – alone – in order to fully immerse into the place.

That way this sketch & photo blog was created. No particular topic – just impressions…

Coming out of the road turn, out of nowhere, this typical Carst home appeared. Beautiful composition of stone buildings with slated roofs. Stone wall embraces the inner courtyard which is…


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