A house for wild spirits

Location: Prikrnica near Moravče, Slovenia
Client: private
Status: completed 2007
Type: Single family house
Photography: Matej Gašperič

Open House Slovenia (OHS) selection

Why should one have two houses? Can the house you live in be the same as your leisure house?

A house for wild spirits

A four member family wanted a pleasant living environment that offered privacy, seclusion and inspiration. More than for shopping opportunities they longed for the proximity of woods.
Plot shape and orientation dictated a prolonged shape with a 40 meter long stone ‘defense’ wall as a border between private and public areas. House opens in a form of a large atrium that connects living with utilitarian spaces. Special point was made in making house ‘invisible’ on the outside and bright on the inside. Its unique floor plan features no corridors. Spacious living quarters in the ground floor are connected directly to the master bedroom area with attached wardrobe room and a bathroom. Attic, where the kids quarters and a large studio find its place is connected with the ground floor via an open staircase.
The interior space prolongs into the outdoor, where a spacious wooden/stone terrace and a pool server as an outer living space during most of the year. The complex is complemented with a two-car garage and a garden shed. From the sustainability point of view, the highly efficient earth-water heating pump, used as a main heating source, takes care for a minimum energy consumption. It is complemented with a fire place, which proves to be in use, for romantic reasons, thru out most of the year. Rain water, which is collected in 12.000 liters tank, is used for toilets, cloth washing and gardening.
Being in use for quite some time now, its occupants could confirm that the House A achieved its purpose. It enabled them a permanent living in a ‘leisure house’.

Featured in media:
Eko hiša & stil
National television, Ambienti
Fact sheet:
usable surface 220 m2
site 1035 m2
construction time 15 months
reinforced concrete, bricks, steel frames
low energy consumption
heat pump earth-water
rain water recycling
KNX home control